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(work in progress)

This resource has a high-efficiency content style (minimize low-value words) that is mainly intended for rigorous technical learners/professionals/users.

What do you want?

The information on this page is from our perspective as a Canadian business. Your country may have different rules and opportunities so some information may not be fully applicable to your situation.

Common Guide Structure

Most guides follow a similar structure. Generally, more versatile content belongs at the top.

Resources are external links to third-party websites, documents, and multimedia with particularly versatile or strong value.

For example, "Electrical Design" points to a "Thermal Intuition" resource will improve the thermal design quality of all future PCB projects.


Other Resources address more situational needs.

If old content at a known URL is inaccessible, try the URL on a web archive like Internet Archive: Wayback Machine.

Solution for Inaccessible Documents

If documents are inaccessible through normal methods, try searching document archives like LibraryGenesis.